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ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Buddy is the first voice activated mobile app designed specifically for Oracle NetSuite users to help sales teams leverage and enter valuable CRM (Customer Relationship Management) data easily.

ERP Buddy allows you and your team to confidently use NetSuite without the steep learning curve new employees often face with the program. Now, no matter where your team is working from, they will be able to conveniently input data, access entities, and search for transactions (just to name a few of the possibilities), at the speed of speech.


Our goal was to make a mobile app uniquely designed for the NetSuite platform so all functionalities could be tailored toward a better Oracle NetSuite experience, even on the go. Now, more than ever, people are looking for intuitive, easy to use, mobile apps to enhance their online experiences so as to create a seamless transition from PC to mobile, and vice versa. 

With millions of apps in both the App Store and Google Play Store, it’s imperative that intentional design and functionality goes into the making of a new product that distinguishes it from the others. This was why we did our research when we began our journey to make ERP Buddy the most compatible NetSuite CRM mobile app available.


To begin, it is necessary to point out that, while there are many comparable apps on the market that allow users to sync a NetSuite account with their app, there is only one NetSuite CRM mobile app currently available through Oracle NetSuite itself that gives consumers a more full-fledged experience of the program on their phone. While we at ERP Buddy agree with Malin Huffman, NetSuite Director of Product Management, that “smartphones and tablets have become a critical extension of the office, enabling businesses to meet customer and market demand for data, speed and functionality anyplace, anytime,”1 we also know the existing Oracle NetSuite mobile app can be just as cumbersome to learn as the PC version. Take it from some of the NetSuite mobile app users themselves:


The user interface is almost unusable… try to do anything and you’ll find you’re better off on your computer.

NetSuite Mobile App User
App Store Review

Don’t get this app unless you want to waste time and money!!

NetSuite Mobile App User
App Store Review

While my company has only recently swapped over to NetSuite (7+ months ago) it's been quite the process learning the way around the web based version of the program. I decided to give the app a try thinking it may be easier than the web based and unfortunately it is the exact opposite.

NetSuite Mobile App User
App Store Review

I’ll keep the app for future use of looking things up. But even though it won’t be the first choice when it comes to accessing my information I need.

NetSuite Mobile App User
App Store Review

Our ERP Buddy developers listened to the pain points of what current users are saying about the existing Oracle NetSuite app and created this tool to redefine what it means to readily take your data on the go or effortlessly locate key data points in the office. Our CRM app puts in the hard work for you, so you and your team don’t have to. All it takes is your voice! We stand out from among the crowd because of our interactive design and our focus on the best user experience. ERP Buddy developers know that this app will change the way you and your business use NetSuite. Take a look below to learn more about our process and research when developing this app.




In a report released by InfoClutch, they stated that “Oracle’s NetSuite ERP System is rated as #1 cloud ERP system and is used by over 40,000 organizations and subsidiaries across the globe.”3 Continue to break down the numbers and you will find that 82% of customers using NetSuite are small (37%) and medium-sized (45%) businesses with 500 employees or less.

With the numbers listed to the left, ERP Buddy developers knew who their main target market was, small to medium businesses. And, with the average small-medium business having only about 50-100 employees, we saw the need for an app to effectively and effortlessly help employees who wear multiple hats within smaller businesses.




Paul Krugman, a Nobel Prize winning economist, said “while productivity isn’t everything, in the long run, it is almost everything”4 and for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) this statement reigns true. Productivity equals economic growth and it is imperative for businesses to incorporate innovation in their approach to maximize productivity so they can effectively compete in their markets. This isn’t just a problem that finds itself on American soil, but across the world. Notably, studies have been conducted in the UK highlighting the fact that “one of the biggest (perhaps the biggest) economic challenges facing the UK”5 is poor productivity.

No one is immune from becoming stagnant in their business and oftentimes those directly involved with decisions fail to see that “sluggish productivity growth is one of biggest threats to overall economic growth in developed and developing economies alike.”6 With ERP Buddy, your business will be able to address these dangers head on while maintaining economic integrity and effortlessly increasing your productivity. By allowing your employees to adeptly access customer records and transactions, your team will never miss a beat.


It is important that SMEs invest in implementations that generate more productivity to increase their advantage since the “global productivity gap between SMEs and large companies [amounts] to about $15 trillion in corresponding value added, or roughly 7 percent of the global GDP.”6

A margin like this cannot be overlooked for any business wanting to grow their enterprise and compete with major companies already in their market. Integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) in business can be the catalyst needed to break through the proverbial glass ceiling in your area of expertise. The McKinsey Global Institute “has estimated an increase of productivity growth from digital adoption of 1.2 percentage points per year for some countries, representing the main contribution to productivity growth overall. Much of the impact relies on or is enhanced by AI applications.”6

The adaptation of these types of applications show marked benefits as “nearly half of UK SMEs say new technology would increase overall productivity (46 percent), improve staff efficiency (50 percent) and help upskill staff (43 percent).”5 ERP Buddy developers gathered this data to direct our development of a means for businesses across the globe to master their efficiency, time management and customer relations.




Speaking of customer relations, when you integrate ERP Buddy into your NetSuite platform, never again will your team show up to meetings unprepared and unaware of email correspondences or missing key pieces of information that could have been tracked as a note. ERP Buddy currently offers features that allows our users to quickly access key information like transactions, customer emails and phone numbers, and important KPIs all with the command of your voice. By having these important features of NetSuite located in one user-friendly mobile app, your team will find ease in using ERP Buddy to boost your CRM data and gain rapport with customers. 

Small Business Co.UK, an arm of a leading B2B media company, testified to the importance of these features when they wrote: “another productivity boost comes from the availability of mobile and cloud-based CRM, which enables and reinforces collaboration throughout the entire business around the customer. Information is accessible anytime, anywhere from any device, for optimal business operations.”5 Customer relations are an indispensable part of business that maintain success and permanence of the bond you have created with your customers. Making repetitive tasks streamlined and accessible allows your company to concentrate more on the end goal rather than the steps it takes to achieve it.

Chief Information Officer Mark Hill with the specialized CRM recruitment agency Mason Frank International, is a visionary when it comes to delivering “mission-critical technology.” In an interview he mentioned the extreme importance of quality CRM data when he said “it sounds so basic, but you can’t undervalue that. Think about how much time you and your teams spend digging around for information from disparate sources. Think about all those times you could’ve provided exceptional service if you’d just had a full picture of the customer and their journey with your company. Digitising all your data, putting it in an accessible, unified system, making it searchable, and being able to share that information quickly and easily makes a massive difference.”5 It is important to note that “improved communication and collaboration, automation of everyday tasks, and better reporting capabilities will all be invaluable to upping your productivity, but potentially the biggest boon is centralization; having all your information will be in one place.”5 With ERP Buddy, you will now be able to streamline the input and access of your data and communications on your phone and laptop and tablet.




Voice activated interfaces have been slow to reach the workplace, even though “72% of senior employees report using some sort of voice-activated technology in their personal lives on a weekly basis.”7 With the implementation of ERP Buddy in your daily business life, you will now be able to bridge the gap between voice activated apps and employee engagement. Regardless of someone’s age, the overall use of voice-activated technology has risen over the past 4 years. In fact, Mobile Marketer suggests that “by 2022, voice search for shopping needs will have turned into a $40 billion industry.”7

Not to mention, there are more than 3.25 billion people currently using voice-activated search and assistants worldwide. That’s close to half of the world's population and it is expected that “25% of digital workers will use virtual employee assistants, with voice functionality by 2021.”7 Having a mobile app, like ERP Buddy, tailored to the up-and-coming needs of its users will be helpful in keeping internal data current and relevant no matter where employees are working from.

In a time where business has been relegated to working from home rather than in an office environment, real-time data accessibility is extremely important. As we move beyond the impact the 2020 pandemic had on businesses, working from home is still a benefit that employees want to maintain so mobile ERP apps will remain a viable way for companies to conduct business.


By tailoring ERP Buddy to a voice-activated experience, we will greatly increase customer convenience and user friendliness. And, “researchers found that speech dictation was 3.0x faster than typing in English and 2.8x faster in Mandarin even when one accounts for the time it takes to make corrections”8 freeing up more space in a workday for other important tasks.

ERP Buddy now will spare you and your team the trouble of browsing through different NetSuite entities and allow you to quickly access records, phone numbers, emails and data.




ERP Buddy was created with the NetSuite user in mind to not only help you easily navigate Oracle NetSuite on your phone, but also drastically increase your team’s productivity and overall workflow throughout the day. We believe we have created a solution that will give you valuable insights into your CRM flow. Now, key data points won’t fall through the cracks and logging notes will be as simple as using your voice. Keep reading to learn more!




Two of NetSuite’s primary record types are entities and transactions.  Entities are either people or companies.  NetSuite divides these into contacts, leads, prospects, and customers, based on where they are in the sales cycle.  Transactions are financial or inventory-related interactions that your company has.  A few examples of transactions: sales order, invoice, purchase order, item fulfillment, cash sale, and return authorization.

ERP Buddy provides quick, mobile access to the key information regarding entity and transaction records.  You can request those records using just your voice.  For instance, just press the microphone button and say, “Show me customer Miguel” or “I want to see contacts named Francis at Company Tesla.”  Notice you can use AND and OR operators to ask precise queries, if desired. So let’s break down this process even more to demonstrate its ease. You opened the ERP Buddy app, clicked a button, and spoke (or typed - your choice!) an easy request, just as if you were talking to another person.  Suddenly, in scrollable, mobile-friendly format, you now have a list of all of Miguel’s communication logs, notes, transaction history, and future transactions like estimates or the contacts of Francis at Tesla. It really is that simple! Once you are viewing the record, ERP Buddy then streamlines the process of performing common everyday tasks related to that record.  At the push of a single button you can call, email, navigate to the address of, or leave a note for that entity record.  Leaving a note can be done with your voice, so you can do it on the go without even looking at your screen.  You may also view, edit, and delete previous notes on the record. After your call is over, or your email is sent, ERP Buddy reminds you to log the communication, a process which is made simple and easy.  Not only does the ERP Buddy app help sales representatives, it helps sales managers and anyone performing analytics on the sales cycle, because now you have a lot more, high-quality data logged about your CRM interactions.

Transactions work just as with entities in that you can access them directly from the chat module. Again, just press the microphone button and say something like “Show me sales orders for Customer Tesla” or “Fetch invoices for customers in Wisconsin.” For both entities and transactions, if too many results are returned for your voice query, you are given the option to further refine your search by other criteria, such as name or record type. Once on a record, you can easily change the status.  For instance, you can approve a sales order, or change a lead from unqualified to qualified status. Transactions and entities are also internally linked to each other. You can quickly reference the customer record from a sales order and vice versa.

Two other time-saving features ERP Buddy offers are KPIs and a Recent Records carousel. KPIs are key performance indicators which tell you at a glance how your company is performing. In easy-to-read bar charts you see your total sales, total amount invoiced, and total number of new leads, prospects, and customers created. Each KPI can be fine-tuned to your preferred level of detail (this day, month, or year compared to the six previous). Enjoy easy access to these indicators right on your homepage. Finally, the Recent Records carousel allows you to see the last 20 records (entities or transactions) you viewed in the app, so you can quickly pick up wherever you left off last.



  1. Search for contact, lead, prospect, or customer (or generically for entity)
  2. Via human name, first or last or both.  “Susan Adams”, “Susan”, “Adams” 
  3. Via company name, whole or in part.  “Apple”, “Apple Inc.”
  4. Via country on main address. “United States”
  5. Via city on main address.  “Columbus”
  6. Via state on main address. “Ohio”
  7. Via zipcode on main address. “53590”
  8. Via associated company (for contacts and subcustomers only). “at Apple”
  9. Via status. “with status Qualified Lead”
  10. Via combinations of the above (only AND or OR, not both)
  11. “Customer named Susan in Wisconsin”
  12. “Entity named John and at company Apple”
  13. “Contact named John or George or Susan”
  14. “Prospects in status Qualified Prospect, name Benjamin, and state California”
  15. Search for sales order, invoice, cash sale, return authorization, cash refund, credit memo, purchase order, (or generically for transactions)
  16. On entity record
  17. On transaction record
  18. KPIs
  19. Configuration wizard
  20. Other
  21. Recent records
  22. App tutorial walk through



ERP Buddy takes the hassle out of logging communications and notes for your customer. Instead, our mobile app makes the routine day-to-day aspect of your business effortless since you are now able to just speak in order to pull up customer records. We even have a built-in feature where you can speak notes into your phone, pause, gather your thoughts, and then continue speaking without any disruption to the process. 

Anyone using NetSuite CRM knows how important it is to get a 360-degree view of their customers. “Customers, whether consumers for B2C or clients for B2B, expect personalization and great customer experiences. There’s no way to deliver that without solid, accurate data on those customers.”9 If your sales team is not inputting data about your customers, you could be missing crucial opportunities to expand your business. 

While developing ERP Buddy, we also understood the value of quickly accessing data found within the sales process which is why we implemented a feature that allows you to pull up transactions and identify key points of data such as the total, items sold, purchase order number, and the date the transaction took place. You can also easily identify future transactions a customer may have by navigating to the desired entity record and seeing any opportunities and estimates entered into your Oracle NetSuite system.

We here, at ERP Buddy, know we have a system to help your small or medium business become more productive by allowing you to confidently navigate NetSuite at the command of your voice. AI is a prevalent technology that will only continue to penetrate the work world as time progresses. By investing in ERP Buddy today, you will also have a competitive advantage over your competitors by being able to easily log CRM data points that can, in turn, build better business to customer relations. ERP Buddy is the right choice for your business and this is just the beginning for us! Check out all the new features we are building for our next release version.


Even more exciting features are pending for release version 2.0:

  • Send emails from NetSuite servers
  • Create a saved search with your voice
  • Display custom fields on records
  • View vendor records and approve purchase orders
  • Additional KPI options

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Don’t wait any longer to get in touch with us so you and your team can start using ERP Buddy today! Not only are we the first voice-activated mobile app designed specifically with NetSuite users in mind, we also know that bringing your business on-the-go will be a key leveraging point as you continue to build dynamic customer relationships.

We are here to help you find ease in entering and accessing key data points from your entities which is why we integrated a system that needs only your voice to find records.

Are you ready to begin using ERP Buddy in your business?



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