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Use your voice to access NetSuite! ERP Buddy mobile app changes the way you use NetSuite by helping you easily access your CRM and transaction records via voice commands. You can quickly call or email contacts, log communications, and leave sales notes by talking. All of this translates to more consistent, higher-quality data entry into NetSuite. Plus, you get real-time sales analytics data on your app homepage. Built especially with sales teams and busy executives in mind.


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Key Features for Sales Managers


Key Performance Indicators - KPI

Get essential reports that matter most to your business loaded directly from NetSuite data made available on your mobile device.

Reports Include:

  • Sales Order
  • Sales Invoiced
  • # of New Leads
  • # of New Prospects
  • # of New Customers

Toggle Between Detailed Views:

  • Day
  • Month
  • Year

Simplified Data Entry

If you don't make it easy for your sales reps to enter data....they never will.

Prompts to Log Communications:

Whenever your sales reps click the "phone" or "email" button on the CRM record, they are prompted to log communications when they enter the app again.


Distinct Past and Future Transactions

Want to visually see current transactions and future opportunities when on a customer's record?

  • Future possible transactions (such as opportunities) are separated from past transactions (sales orders, invoices, etc)
  • Easier & faster to find the information that is important at the moment.
  • View All Transactions on the Customer Record
  • Sales Orders
  • Return Authorization
  • Invoice

Key Features for Sales Reps

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Log NOTES by voice!

Seriously...our software converts your voice into text and enters it right into NetSuite for you.

Some SUITE features:

  • Talk into the app and auto converts to text
  • Start and Stop to collect your thoughts
  • Switch to keyboard to make final edits, if needed
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Make CALLS directly from your database!

In a matter of seconds, find the customer, contact, prospect, or lead and click the "Phone" button. ERP Buddy then pulls up your default phone and has the number pre-dialed for ease of use no matter where you are.

  • Fast Access to Contacts
  • Call From Within a NetSuite Record
  • One-Click Call
  • Pre-Dialed Phone Number
  • No need to save numbers on your personal device

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Send EMAILS with the click of a button!

Now you can easily generate emails throughout the day while you're in ERP Buddy. You don't need to hop between different apps... Just use ERP Buddy for everything!

  • Fast Access to NetSuite Emails
  • One-Click Email
  • Auto-populates email addressee field in your default email app (e.g. Mail, Gmail, Outlook)

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Get DIRECTIONS automatically!

ERP Buddy searches your Oracle NetSuite data to locate saved addresses. At the push of a button, you can instantly have access to your entity's location without needing to find the address beforehand.

  • Fast Access to NetSuite Contacts
  • One-Click Directions
  • Auto-populates address in default navigation app (i.e. Google Maps)

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ACCESS NetSuite CRM Entities!

Use your voice or a simplified navigation structure to find your desired NetSuite data in the CRM.

  • Fast Access to Entities
  • Locate anyone regardless of where they are in the decision making cycle
  • Add entites on your PC NetSuite and instantly find them in ERP Buddy
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Stay organized with real-time tracking and updates of a customer's current transactions and future opportunities. Easily sift through your transaction cycle with entities by locating key points such as invoices, sales orders and return authorizations.

  • Fast access to all current transactions and future opportunities
  • Itemized breakdown of an entity's record including data such as items sold, total amount, and P.O. numbers.
  • Quickly identify estimates and opportunites

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