Product Roadmap

ERP Buddy Features Coming Soon!

Additional KPI for NetSuite CRM

Additional KPI & Metrics

Q3 2021

  • Sales Data by Sales Rep
  • Custom KPI Dashboards

NetSuite Saved Search Made Easy

Extended Saved Search Functionality

Q4 2021

Enhanced compound searches to be able to string together more refined results.

Example: Find me the contacts for X company and Y company who are located in Chicago.

  • AND Statements
  • Or Statements
  • Multiple combined search criteria

NetSuite Inventory Management

Inventory Searching

Q1 2022

Allow your employees to search for inventory from their mobile devices.

  • Find quantities available
  • Find warehouse locations
  • Find related items

NetSuite Vendors and Purchase Order

Vendors & Purchase Order Management

Q1 2022

  • Access Vendor Data
  • Access Purchase Orders
  • Edit Purchase Orders

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