Installation Guide

The first step is to set up an account for your company with ERP Buddy. We will capture your contact and payment information at that time. For now, this just means getting in touch with us directly by clicking the link below!

Install the ERP Buddy Bundle on your NetSuite Instance (your company's version of NetSuite).

Watch this quick tutorial to see how you can configure ERP Buddy within NetSuite


Administrators then go to the ERP Buddy configuration page found in the ERP Buddy Bundle and assign access to the correct employees. Please note, you can edit this list at any point by adding or removing employees. Your account payment will be directly proportional to how many employees you decide to give access. You stay in control

After administrators have added the desired employees, each individual user can install ERP Buddy (found on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store) directly onto a mobile or tablet device. Each user can then easily log-in to the app with his or her normal NetSuite credentials. administrators have added the correct employees, the individual user can install ERP Buddy directly from their mobile or tablet device and login to the app with their NetSuite credentials.

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