Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is ERP Buddy?

    ERP Buddy is a NetSuite voice activated app designed to simplify the use of NetSuite. The app is made to be purchased by a company for use by its employees.

  • Can I use ERP Buddy on my tablet?

    Yes. ERP Buddy is designed to work on both smartphones and tablets that run either iOS or Android.

  • Why can't I login to ERP Buddy when I download the app?

    ERP Buddy is a mobile app designed to be purchased by a company for their employees and not for individual use at the moment. Through this process a special ERP Buddy token is installed into your exisiting NetSuite account. If you can't login to ERP Buddy talk to your employer and see if ERP Buddy is right for you and your company.

  • How much does ERP Buddy cost?

    ERP Buddy is a monthly subscription that can either be purchased month-to-month or yearly. If your company is looking for a customized experience of ERP Buddy made by our developers check out our pricing page here.

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