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Here at ERP Buddy we understand the value of leveraging Oracle NetSuite data. Now, with the voice controlled app of ERP Buddy, you can easily take your data on the go.

  • Conversational searching by Google Dialog Flow
  • Talk to NetSuite like it's a person
  • Easily access entity & transaction records
  • Quickly view pending or previous transactions
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Voice Controlled

Access entity and transaction data without the hassle of traditional NetSuite navigation or searches. Simply use your voice to tell ERP Buddy which records to find for you.

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Travel Ready

Stay on top of your sales pipeline while you are traveling and take appropriate action without pulling out a laptop. Or, call on ERP Buddy to fetch your records for you even if you're at the office!

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Sales Reports

See critical business numbers in easy to understand charts right on the home screen of ERP Buddy which include sales ordered, sales invoiced, new customers, new prospects and new leads.


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