Use your voice to access NetSuite

ERP Buddy mobile app changes the way you use NetSuite by helping you easily access your CRM and transaction records via voice commands.

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  2. You make a lot of sales calls
  3. You have sales reps that travel frequently
  4. Your employees struggle to adopt NetSuite into their day
  5. You need instant access to sales data, in office or on the go

NetSuite without data is meaningless. Make it meaningful.

Data entry and updating data is a key component to leveraging the power of Oracle NetSuite ERP. Join the front of the pack and make it easy for employees to enter the data they are responsible for by making NetSuite easier to use while making it more convenient.

  • Organize your channels easier
  • Quickly view transactions
  • Send emails and messages instantly
  • Find and access records with the push of a button and vocal command
  • Add notes to maintain good customer relations and easily keep better records for your company
ERP Buddy Login Screen

ERP Buddy uses your existing NetSuite user access

Your roles and permissions will remain the same. No need to manage roles and permissions in multiple places. Once our NetSuite bundle is installed, simply login to the app and start accessing your database in a whole new way.


Google Dialogflow for seamless conversational AI

Harness the power of AI to access NetSuite. Have you ever just wished you could talk normally to NetSuite? Have you ever struggled to find a particular customer record? Let ERP Buddy guide you!

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Check out the features we offer!


Travel Ready

Stay on top of your sales pipeline while traveling and take appropriate action without pulling out a laptop.

Send Emails

Immediately send emails to your desired entity by searching their name and tapping on the email icon.

Make Phone Calls

Easily call a contact, lead, prospect, or customer directly from your phone so you can reach clients.

Get Directions

Never worry about finding an address beforehand. Search your contact's name and tap the map icon to get directions.

Sales Reports

See critical business numbers in easy-to-understand charts right on the home screen of ERP Buddy.

Voice Access

Access entity and transaction data without the hassle of traditional NetSuite navigation or searches.

Log Notes

Create notes using either your voice or the keyboard, log them in NetSuite CRM, and delete the ones you don't need!

Data Collection

Get prompted to quickly log emails or phone calls right after you make them to collect valuable data over time.


Features Coming Soon!

NetSuite Saved Search

Extended Saved Search Functionality

NetSuite KPI

Additional KPI and Metrics

NetSuite Vendors and Purchase Order

Vendors and Purchase Order Management

NetSuite Inventory Management

Inventory Searching


Roles & Permissions

All your users will continue to have the same access in ERP Buddy that they have been given in their NetSuite account. ERP Buddy does NOT give access that your NetSuite administrator hasn't already granted.

However, all ERP Buddy users will be given an additional "role" that will not be used unless they log into ERP Buddy. This custom "role" gives no additional access to a Netsuite account except permission to use token-based authentication, which is needed for ERP Buddy to function seamlessly with your Oracle NetSuite account. This single added permission has negligible effect on your other NetSuite functionality.


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